Tandematic Systems, A Navis TubeTex brand, engineers an innovative line of textile machinery serving the finishing of knit and woven fabric marketplace.  Tandematic has had over 40 covering its advanced engineering in textile machinery, and the new generation Tandematic continues to innovate to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.


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The shear cut trim system developed by Tandematic. Eliminates problems commonly associated with conventional high speed blade systems,and has gained acceptance world-wide as the premier method for selvedge trimming.


  • The point of cutting can be set to be within 6 mm from holes of innermost row of stenter pins
  • The low speed shear cutter blades will trim satisfactorily for a much longer period before. Needing to be changed – 1 month between resharpening/replacement is not uncommon
  • Trimmed selvedge waste will never remain on the stenter pins after trimming and return on The pin chain. If stenter speed is limited by unreliable pick-up and removal of selvedge waste From the pins after trimming, especially as a result of a mis-pin at the entry, the tandematic Off-stenter trim system will remove this bottleneck and make possible increased stenter speed.

Following a mis-pin, fabric will return to its previous position and trimming will resume without operator attention.

Be aware of copies – insist on the genuine Tandematic trim system! Reduced trim waste = increased fabric yield = more profit.