Who We Are

Tandematic engineers and manufactures innovative low tension, “hands-off” fabric handling machinery.

Tandematic, a Navis Tubetex brand, is located in Lexington, North Carolina, where we specialize in the design and engineering of systems for innovative low tension, “hands-off” fabric handling systems. Founded in 1976, Tandematic has manufactured fabric storage and guiding, selvedge decurling, stenter rail guiding, pinning waste control (a unique concept for increased fabric yield), “top surface” gum application, and shear cut fabric slitting/selvedge trimming. New to the Tandematic family are systems for use with webs in the converting industry: storage, “Mantis” in-line web positioner, shear cut trimmer/slitter, turret unwinder.

With over 40 patents covering its technologically-advanced web control equipment, Tandematic continues its engineering advancements today by evaluating customer concerns and developing cost-effective solutions.

Learn more about Tandematic’s line of products.  Tandematic also offers products for the converting industry – click on a product below under “Paper and Film Conversion” to download flyers.

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