With the Tandematic system, gum is applied to the upper surface of the fabric , only 5 mm to 7 mm away from the stenter pins, resulting in trim waste reduction/ yield increases not possible with conventional under-side application systems. In addition, and also not possible with conventional systems, the amount of gum being applied may be adjusted while machine is running – more on heavier fabrics, less on lighter fabrics – without changing gum composition. Gum is presented to transfer tank by a peristaltic pump, with level controlled by overflow – no operator attention required. Stopping and restarting of gumming is done remotely from stenter operator platform. When gumming is stopped, a short water flushing cycle takes place to prevent gelling of gum while not gumming. System controls are 100% pneumatic-safety. Use of water-soluble gum eliminates safety and environmental concerns associated with chemical solvents. Recommended for use in combination with selvedge trimming system that will cut within 6 mm of innermost row of stenter pins.

  • Increased fabric yield – application of gum close to pins without contamination of chain, pin plates or pins
  • Ability to adjust amount of gum applied while running
  • Quick drying/curing time with water-based gum
  • Easy-to-clean components
  • Safe and environmentally sound – no chemical solvents
  • No gelling of gum while not gumming